Last summer I got hold of a Jamis EC cheap off CL the bike is like new ! I bought it well the price and at the time BOTH my good bikes were down for repair a car hit me a\ and took one out ! Anyway. I got this Jamis EC and I am thinking about adding some fenders and studded tires ! But here is the big ? looks like the frame a take gears andI wana turn it in to hand twist 7 speed 1 can it be done I never done anything like this what do you guys think the gear set up cost will be also adding brakes and taking the coaster brake off ??? Or willthis cost more than this bike is worth . As it sits I have $50.00 in it right now . And like I sad its in near new condition . Also if I did this what brand parts would you folk sugest? I like the 7 speed twist shifter by Shimmano a Lot and wan use the bike next yr a a winter bike for errands and such !