The Strengths:

- No wet feet so far. But I've only seen snow and slush, no downpours yet.

- About as warm as my summer MTB shoes with a 5mm neoprene bootie. Give or take.

- Low prices on line, and I already knew my shimano shoe size.

- Stickier lugs than race shoes mean less chance of taking a dive on my wet basement steps.

- Just enough flex in the sole to make walking almost pleasant.

The Weaknesses.

- The velcro on the cuff just has to stick to my overpriced smartwool socks EVERYTIME I put them on.

- No optional toe studs. Something commuters aren't likely to miss, but on my first MTB ride, I did.

- If the cuff came a bit higher it would give a better seal with rainpants.

- Just enough flex in the sole to offend my snooty racer-boy sensibilities.