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Old 01-20-02, 04:11 PM   #1
Joe Gardner
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Glove liners?

I currenly have some great PI Lobster Gloves, however in very cold temps (0 - 10F, and at 20MPH), my hands freeze! Would a simple glove liner help in this situation? Whats the best type and brand?
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I think there are silk glove liners from several makers and I would be willing to bet they'd work as well as anything. My well-to-do friends who wear silk underwear in the cold swear by it. My silk balaclava keeps my face warm when it's below freezing, so I think the silk gloves would be good.
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The very best glove liners I ever saw were simple cotton gloves with metallic threads in them! I think the metal was probalby aluminum, like they use in space blankets, and when worn inside even cheap gloves, kept your hands toastie! I have not seen them in years, maybe someone who lives near a ski area would have an idea where to get them! Good luck!
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Old 01-20-02, 11:58 PM   #4
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Joe, I would think that simple fleece gloves, the thin ones, would work.
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Old 01-22-02, 11:10 PM   #5
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The best "rule-of-thumb" when it comes to gloves is to make sure you have plenty of space in your gloves and mittens. If your gloves are tight, your fingers will get cold.

Thus, if the liners make your gloves tight, you will have cold hands.

If you are riding in really cold weather, get some chopper mits. Snow-boarder gloves and mits usually work well too.
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I've got no advice, just plenty of respect for you freeze-bikers. I'm in awe at your perseverance! Last weekend I made my first pre-dawn ride in what I consider cold weather - only around 35F (it just doesn't get much colder here.) If I keep this up I think I'll try the fleece gloves.

p.s. How do shift wearing snowboard gloves????
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Old 01-23-02, 04:27 PM   #7
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I bought some lycra or silk (???) glove liners in the ski dept of REI to wear inside my PI Pittards and they are worthless.
But the Pittards are kinda worthless too in temperatures below 45.

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Old 02-18-02, 12:58 AM   #8
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Fleece or poly gloves inside the lobsters should keep you really warm.

I've never used them myself bicycling, but for what it's worth in desperately cold, cruel, Jack-London weather, latex gloves or rubber diswashing gloves are excellent liners. No, "breathe" is not a word that will come to mind as you feel moisture build in the webbing of your fingers. On the other hand, there will be little occasion for any words to come to mind regarding your hands. You'll be thinking about the scenery, or keeping your feet warm. You may die of hypothermia but the last drop of warm blood in your body will come to a halt in your hands.

Actually, there is no reason for cyclists to have cold hands in this day and age, leaving aside desperate measure like the above. There are cheap gloves with liners everywhere now. As some of you may know, I don't advocate buying cycling specific gloves for cold weather-- it's just too expensive. Go to Megalowmart and buy a set of gloves and liners for sub $20. Your hands will never be cold.

I use cheapo box-store gloves w/liners in cold weather, say below 25F. No liners until about 15F, then liners until -15F (the coldest weather I've ridden in.) I've never had cold hands, even when my feet were like blocks of ice.
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Old 02-18-02, 12:54 PM   #9
Joe Gardner
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Thanks everyone, i purchased some glove liners from "Varitherm" last night, they are a light weight polyester / thermolite fabric. They wick awesome, my hands were toasty warm last night, not clammy and cold like before!
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Old 03-04-02, 07:02 AM   #10
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sounds like a good choice.

i have 2 pairs of poly-gloves (thought i had lost one set, so i bought another) but they're different thickness, so now i can choose to match the outer glove (temperature and space inside)

i have about 6 pairs of gloves i've accumulated from different sports (snowboarding, cycling, etc) -- i have cold feet and hands - and i combine them for different temperatures...

when it's really cold i wear my lobster snowboarding gloves with the thick poly liners inside. since my hands invarably sweat when it's cold (either that or they're freezing), i then take the liners out which dry before the commute home or overnight...

i personally wouldn't recommend cotton or anything that doesn't dry fast like poly or fleece...
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