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Thread: 3-speed vs MTB?

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    3-speed vs MTB?

    I'm planning for riding through the winter, but I'm not even sure which bike I want to use. I bought a Sears 3-speed to use, but I'm wondering if my Trek 8000 SLR would be a better choice or not.
    3-speed Pros:
    No Derailer
    Already has fenders
    Already has a rear rack
    While it would suck, it's not a big loss if it turns to rust
    3-speed cons:
    650 wheels, I have a 26" wheel I can throw on the front, but I'll probably need longer reach brakes.
    Haven't looked yet but I don't know if I can even get a knobby tire for the rear. (I still need to figure out what size the wheel actually is.)

    Trek 8000 SLR Pros:
    Aluminium frame, so that won't rust
    Should give me a bit better control, probably would be more fun to ride too.
    I won't feel like I wasted $300 on a bike I never ride
    Trek 8000 SLR cons:
    Winter takes a toll on bikes, I'd like to keep this one in good shape.
    Have to buy fenders
    Might have to buy a new rack to get one that fits

    My town doesn't take very good care of the streets in the winter. While I managed to do without last year, I really want at least a studded front tire this year.

    Any advice on which bike to choose would be appreciated.

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    Sears 3-speed ? to each his own :-) Winter riding isn't the same everywhere, nor do riders have the same skill levels. Personally, here in Anchorage, winter riding is more challenging , I ride as good a bike as I can afford.some times its MTB sometimes my LHT ( fatties fit fine :-) ). All bike components wear out, do your maintenance , then replace stuff that wears out.

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