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erig007 02-05-14 01:15 PM

When there is a hole in my merino wool gloves i use silicone rubber (of the proper color). It fills the hole, last longer than sewing, protect against cold, reinforce the glove and save me a few bucks on new gloves. To do that i put tape on the other side where the hole is then stretch the glove finger on a stick then apply silicone then let it dry.

79pmooney 11-21-14 11:54 PM


Originally Posted by AngrySaki (Post 10146649)
I like the tips & tricks thread in the touring forum, and I think one would be useful here.
Here's a few tricks that worked for me:

Cold feet:
I moved my panniers from the back of my bike to the front using a low rider rack, so they block a lot of the wind on my feet which helps keep them warm. So far it hasn't affected my stability enough to be a problem.

Low Riders will not affect your stability for the worse. On the contrary, if you load them, they will make your bike more stable. I used to carry books I did not need in the bad Ann Arbor winter days. Stabilised the steering so all I had to worry about uphill was my rear tire. Helps a lot in ice and snow.


79pmooney 11-22-14 12:22 AM


Originally Posted by alanf (Post 16452131)
I used to live in Northern Canada and I enjoyed driving my road bike on top of the snow where the skidoos had pressed it down firm. Also when it is really cold, the ice on the roads would be coated with a sandpaper like frost so by being careful, I drove all winter with my road bike slicks.

First year I put screws in my tires but it was like driving uphill all the time so I got rid of them. Gradually I discovered that as long as you are careful you can drive on whatever you like.

As you mentioned grease does freeze and I found that lower than -25 C (-13 F) the chain wasn't too interested in switching gears. By -35 c (-31 F) switching gears was very difficult. Probably would be a good idea to flush the chain in a solvent or diesel to get the crud off first because that is what makes it stiff in the cold, then lube it with something light like WD40.

Fix gears have two qualities that make them uniquely suited for those conditions. One (actually this is true for all non-derailleur bikes) is that the chain just runs over two cogs. The conditon of the chaim makes very little difference, excepth that when you have frozen links, you need to slide the wheel forward to get the proper slack. I never rode in cold like you have, but the salt in Michigan and Massachusetts did a number on chains and no one had there outside hose bibs on to wash the bike.

And, for comfort: fix gears are far warmer to ride downhill!


johnbobsmithy22 12-02-15 03:35 PM

Anyone know of any good ninja face masks for riding as a delivery boy that are relatively cheap?

BikingZombie 12-02-15 05:48 PM


Originally Posted by johnbobsmithy22 (Post 18361263)
Anyone know of any good ninja face masks for riding as a delivery boy that are relatively cheap?

what's your price point? max?
I like Ergodyne products

scoatw 12-02-15 07:41 PM

Check your local big box sporting goods stores and /or ebay. They have a good selection of balaclavas, most with free shipping.

KLW2 09-28-16 06:08 PM

Keep the inside of your wrists where the veins/arteries are close to the surface, covered and warm. You wil be surprised at how much warmer your hands will be.....

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