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    Short article about dressing for the outdoors in winter

    This article was in a local outdoor newspaper I picked up to read on the bus from Duluth, MN to Minneapolis.

    It's nothing earth shattering but I found it helpful and concise.

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    thanks. I need to do better for my feet. after 1.5 hrs yesterday I was eying construction porta-pottys, strangers garages, etc for respit from teh cold for my feet. after 2 hrs I made it into a dunking donuts and it was freaky how long it took to get my feet even remotely ready for riding again. was using the bathroom hand dryer and rubbing them and putting my coffee up to them. at least I had some chemical toe warmers. I put them in the shoes and then when i was ready to leave the shoes were warmer and I attached the warmers to my feet and I was OK for the 1 hr+ ride home. but I need to do better for my feet - or use those chemical warmers if I'm biking more than an hour
    cycling is like baseball ~ it doesn't take much to make it interesting

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