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Thread: Bike cover?

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    Bike cover?

    Can anyone recommend a good bike cover.

    My bike is going to be stuck out this winter. I havent a shed nor a garage and no room in the house. So Im stuck. Next year a shed will be bought!

    Are there any which seal up at the bottom? This would be excellent. Someone should make a cover which zips your bike up totally thus giving it some great protection.

    Thanks for the help.

    Im in the UK so I need one which is sold over here.

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    For a cheap one, use heavy, construction-grade meshed plastic.
    If you want something heavy and ready made, I would suggest you look at covers for large gas barbecues. I have seen a few that are large enough to hide 2-3 bicycles.

    However, the cover will prevent the rain and snow from wetting your bike, but it won't keep humidity off. So the best thing to do is to leave the bottom open.
    Michel Gagnon
    Montréal (Québec, Canada)

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