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    from montreal to ottawa this weekend

    Just got back from a two-day cycling trip from Montreal, QC to Ottawa, ON.

    Pictures on Dropbox

    Quick summary:
    Total distance: 246km
    total time on bike: 14hours 40 minutes
    average speed: 16.7 km/h
    max speed: 46 km/h

    Details to follow.

    Not really winter but for the first day where I left hours before sunrise and it was freezing. Everything was covered in frost. I rode over a road with salt and ice, and my lock got stuck when I stopped for breakfast and I had to defrost it

    Route day 1
    A home, B breakfast, C lunch, D and F where I slept for the night, E extra distance to get up to 100 miles.
    Route day 2

    Some extra detours along the way made up the difference in distance.
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