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    First time with the white stuff...

    Well today was it. It finally snowed and stuck. That being the case, I just had to ride the 29er. I use this when the weather is bad for my work commute. I went for a four mile spin. Clothing wise I dressed as if I was going to work to see how it would go. No problems there. The riding was fine. Mostly slushy wet stuff. The 2.3 tires cut right through it. Reminded myself to stay loose and not tense up.

    I found that riding straight and methodical worked better than sudden twists and turns. Speed wise I found that keeping a nice pace works better than just taking easy and coasting. SKS fenders were ok but not great. I'm waiting for my PB Cascadia ones to arrive from the LBS. The boot / pedal combo I have, works awesome. Although at the first sign of trouble, I did try to click out. Even though I am on bmx platforms... Note to self, don't do that again.

    I get one heckle though. A couple of fifteen year old girls were taking out the trash and one shouted, "Why are you riding your bike out here? It's FREEZING!". Now mind you, they had on just shoes, jeans and baby doll tops and it is 30 degrees. I replied back, "Why do people snowboard in the winter? It's FREEZING!.....". Not my best comeback but it made them stop in their tracks and just stare. Nice.

    All in all, a nice ride. It should be fun winter. Until it gets really cold. For here.

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    Good stuff. I kinda can't wait till it snows here and I get to ride in it.

    Quote Originally Posted by midschool22 View Post
    ..."Why are you riding your bike out here? It's FREEZING!"...
    When people say that to me, I usually tell them that it's not that bad, especially because I'm staying warm by riding.
    - Dan

    Distance cycled for 2012: 2079.8 miles

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