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    How did I ever live without chemical handwarmers?

    The extra weight of boots really make me tired and slow me down in the winter. Now I use wool socks and athletic shoes, and I drop a chemical handwarmer into the toe of each shoe. Works great. The temp the other day was 7 F and my feet did just fine. If I only ride for an hour or so I put the handwarmers into a baggie and save them for another short ride. If I'm going somewhere with the chance of getting my feet wet I take an extra pair of socks and an extra set of handwarmers.
    I bought the handwarmers rather than the toe warmers because they seem to be a better value. This has made a big difference in my winter riding.

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    yay handwarmers!

    I also bought a pair of those shiny on one side and fabric on the other side insoles today. The package told me they were the best and companies never lie to sell their products.

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