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    First winter bicycle outfitting?

    Hi, I'm gearing up for the wet season our winter here is usually just water and wind and lots of both. I don't plan to be out riding much in the rain, but I want to be ready so here's a list of things I think I might need, and hopefully you guys can tell me more or what to not bother with? (this is for road riding)

    Definitely mud flaps or full fenders...

    I'm debating between a full chain guard probably custom made, or one of those wire loom chain protectors.. (This is for a single speed with a rear coaster).

    Bicyclist poncho (saw one the other day, looked great for riding if not style).

    Are regular rain pants to loose for cycling? I'd rather not buy the spandex version of rain gear if I can avoid it...

    I already have a light set and repair kit for regular riding etc...

    Oh and will switching to 29er tires or large knobby 700c's help? I currently run 38's
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    Ponchos are awful in the wind. I got an Endura cycling rain/wind jacket on clearance and I love it. I can wear it any time the temp is below about 60F, and even when it drops below 10F I just put more layers under it. longer in the back to keep rain out of my pants, not huge and baggy enough to act as a sail. 700x38 is probably okay if it's just wet and not snow.

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