Anyone know what thin knobbies or studdeds are available and where to find them?

Schwalbe makes a 26 x 1.5 knobby. Schwalbe Light Black Shark mud (folding). I bought one for $50 Cdn from my local shop in Montreal and stuck it on my front wheel.

I have a cheap Metro II 26 x 1.00 slick on the back wheel. I'm riding on ice and snow covered streets in Montreal. Works fine. Back end slips a bit on ice or loose snow but no problem with a bit of attentiveness. I might pick up another knobby for the back when I can afford it but knobbies feel sloppy after you get used to slicks so this feels like a pretty good compromise since the front end is where you need control.

I'm riding a customized road bike (new componenets on a 30 year-old frame) with oversized mountain bike wheels. Adding knobbies pushes the limit so there's no room for standard fenders in the forks. I improvised one attached to the frame. Works great, but what I'd really like is a 26 x 1.00 knobby. Does it exist?

- dx