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    Turn the old road bike into a winterized commuting machine!

    If you entered this thread expecting awesum pix, check back in a few months. Maybe.

    I know a lot of you people are expert snow cyclists, so I'd like your help in turning an old Fiori Roma road bike into something suitable for winter biking. Before you ask, I live in Ottawa, Canada, so there's serious snow here.

    Everything's off the bike as it is now, and I intend to give it a fresh coat of paint soon... Ideally, I'm looking for the bike to end up kinda like this:

    winter bike project goal.jpg

    which is a single speed with strong wheels and grippy tires.

    1. Can I reuse the front 42 biopace chainring and an appropriate cog on the back or do I need a whole new drivetrain set up?
    2. The wheels now are 27x1 1/8. What should I do about winter tires?

    Any tips you can give me would be very helpful. I really have no idea what I'm doing, but I have access to a whole lot of parts and tools thanks to the local bike coop.

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    rear rack and trunk
    bright LED headlight
    studded snow tires
    proper clothing including waterproof footwear. research your layering
    chemical toe & hand warmers
    balaclava, sinus & eye protection
    cycling is like baseball ~ it doesn't take much to make it interesting

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    Not sure they make studded 27" tires, but I could be wrong. Converting to 700c wheels might give you more clearance for studs with that extra 8 (or is it 4) mm assuming your brakes have enough reach.
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