First winter storm of the year in NW Minnesota. 3-4" of white slop (luckily most of it melted) and more is on the way by tomorrow morning. I had great roads all of last winter with only a couple of weeks that I couldn't safely ride my touring bike on the highway. I doubt I'll have that kind of luck this year. I have a new weapon though, The Goat, a flatbar steel 700c trail bike. It currently has 40mm Schwalbe Smart Sams but I'm planning on ordering a studded front tire for now, and possibly a rear one later in the season. I found these which are a bit spendy but sound perfect for the mixed pavement, ice and slush that is common around here. I figured I'd go with the 40mm to get a little floatation when hitting snowy spots or maybe some snow packed trails. I like the reflective sidewalls as it stays dark for a long time in the AM and gets dark early in the PM by the end of December.

Has anyone used these? Any thoughts or suggestions?