Today Berkshire_rider was our guide today in Douglas SF. We went out early and it was COLD!!! When I left the house it was 9 degrees out , the cold was good because for the most part it kept the Snow Firm.

But what fun it was .

anyway Here is our guide on one of the sections that was free of snow

Oh and yes Our group consisted of 4 of Us ,Myself , Berkshire_rider , Vos and IF_rider

Here is Vos on the old abandon rail Bed

Here is IF_rider Hucking a rock on an Icy decent.

Next We have Berkshire_rider coming down an icy incline that the snowmobiles were having a good time on.

And Yes Studded Tires were our friend's today . here we are riding on Lake Wallum , At this point we are about 1/2 mile from the State line.

IF_rider going up some stairs from the frozen lake.

Berkshire_rider making a Stair Gap onto the frozen lake.
Notice how his front wheel looks like it is on the ground , but the shadow shows otherwise.

And there were lots of Rocks to play on. Berkshire_rider scraping his chainrings as he goes over this rock .

IF_rider doing a true table top

I really like this picture !
IF_rider riding down some steps that are part of the stone wall with Lake wallum in the background.

Now back into the woods

Vos on the coffe shop loop , which had some awesome Boardwalks

IF_rider was finding all sorts of fun things to play one .

and this one the snow was really soft on .

Shortly before we got back to the parking lot.

and we got back to the parking lot was a great ride , the only Problems we had was I broke my Chain once , and IF_Riders Chain got jammed in his freewheel othe than that it went very smooth.

the cold did cause so other problems though, at one Point I had an Engery "GU" , you Know its cold when you have to Chew your "gu" !

Berkshire_riders Camel Back tube froze and unfortunly the picture of him drinking straight out iof the bladder did not come out , but here is what his camel back tube looked like and you should be able to see the problem.

and finally we went 10.7 miles in 3+ hours was alot of work but a lot of fun
here is our GPS track of the ride. We started at the D