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    Is an old Trek 3900 MTB good as a winter commuting bike?

    Hi, (from Sweden)

    I have the opportunity to get a used Trek 3900 for a nice price. My plan is to get some Marathon Winter tires, butterfly bars and panniers for it and start using it as a winter commuting bike for the next winter.
    The bike is about 150km away from were I live, so I thought IŽd ask you professionals about the bike before I actually drive there.

    The disc brakes are mechanical, is that "OK" if I keep them lubed and clean regularly? The bike will be kept indoors when not in use.
    Is the overall ride position decent for winter riding? The worst conditions IŽll be riding on are black ice, really packed snow (mirror finish) and max snow depth of 10cm (4")
    Is the suspension fork OK to use if I lock it?

    Or are there better used bikes to look for?

    Regards //David from Sweden

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    It would be a great buy. Did you get it?
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