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"irregardless" people who use this non-word should be shot.
"loose" instead of "lose"
"breaks" instead of "brakes" Hooked on Phonics = can't spell worth a flip

"So I bought this here pista track bike the other day."

Not only was it the same thing, it was the exact same thing. ??

Today's tendency to turn nouns into verbs is quite annoying. "Incentivize"? But in Shakespeare's time triple negatives were common.

"alot" It should be two words, not one. A<space>lot.

Quite putting apostrophe s after a word to denote the plural form. Just an s or es is needed. Apostrophes indicate possession or a contraction.

The correct phrase is "I couldn't care less". To say "I could care less" indicates one does care somewhat; the opposite of what the writer wishes to convey.

The bottom bracket is somewhat confusing as it refers to a particular section of the bicycle frame as well as the component that goes inside(of itself?).

Is it an axle or spindle? I've always used spindle to describe the metal rod to which the crankset is attached but othes use axle.

Group, groupe, gruppo? I suppose it depends upon whether one is talking about Shimano, Huret or Campagnolo.

One nice aspect of English is its ability to simply acquire any word it wants from any other language and make it part of the English language. The French find this to be a horrible concept but they'll still order a 'hamburger' in Paris. But not if the language police are around. It is perfectly acceptable to use the word derailleur instead of derailer, provided it is spelled correctly.
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