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Important information:
10-32 All Thread is a dead ringer for a skewer. I took my TBC skewer apart b/c it's got a set screw to hold the axle in. I threaded in a longer AllThread skewer axle and "voila"! A longer skewer. Did it solve my problem? Nope. Tried bolt on, tried 2 tugs.

The big issue:
Braking forces. Impact is not causing it to go outta line. It's brake torque. When I grab the disc, the non-drive side is fixed/static, but the wheel diameter acts as a lever, flexes that skewer axle a little forward, and wrenches the drive side loose. I'm assuming it's because I'm a bigger dude and it creates more force than it would on these "stereotypical" lightweight SS'ers

Still have 2 possible solutions:
1. Take the brake off the rear and run it on the front.
2. Go with a bolt-on rear hub as I should.

I'm gonna call my buddy here in town and see if he wants to sell me a rear wheel cheap. That, or I'm gonna get rid of the Revo's and go for an Outlaw set or something with a convertible rear hub.
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