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I'm not aware of a wealth of scientific studies yet; but there seems to be a lot of empirical and anecdotal evidence that points to it being effective. But, then, I'm an old and brittle worry-wort. I went from a bicycle-specific full-face helmet to a Snell-approved motocross helmet about the time that I'd been reading that a lot of professional downhill team managers were starting to recommend that their racers wear moto helmets, because of the evolution of the sport - - attaining speeds with the potential for crashes as high-energy as what one might expect racing a motorcycle. The debate rages on in many downhill circles as to whether or not a moto helmet is superior or, perhaps, inferior protection compared to a bicycle-specific full-face for bicycle racing.

I decided to err on the side of caution; which is probably what I will do in the case of a Leatt too. Besides, if it gives my wife more peace of mind as I keep ripping down mountains as I edge closer to 60, that has some value right there, wouldn't you say ?

I have no doubt that there are certain instances that a brace is not going to protect you; just as there are cases where field spinal immobilization and a C-collar are not always going to save a c-spine patient from further injury; but we do the best we can with the tools at our disposal at a given time. The Hans device has been around motor racing for a couple decades now and there is a lot of hard evidence from numerous scientific studies that point to its effectiveness. The mechanics of the Leatt are much the same and enough so that I at least trust the rudimentary physics behind its design.

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