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It does not attach to the helmet. It rests on the shoulders, somewhat 'floating.' They come with straps that go around the torso under the arms but most people don't use them. The purpose of the device is to limit backward tilt of the head (hyperextension), forward and side-to-side tilt (hyperflexion) and axial loading (cervicle vertebrae compressing downward into themselves).

Originally Posted by craigx3
I think i would prefer to wear one if i was a downhiller if there was no limiting factor to vision. Would add to peace of mind and maybe offer a hint more courage.
That's exactly why I wear body armor. No, it did not save me from breaking my collarbone this year; the mechanics of that crash was outside the limit of anything armor could do. But it has protected me in other crash situations. I view it as courage that I can wear.

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