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Pick one without a-holes.

Srsly. Forget the shop discounts and/or other crap. Pick based on the riders. You either like riding or racing with them or you don't. Don't pick based on really liking 1 or 2 guys either - because as soon as you do those guys will leave the team and you'll be stuck.

We got a ton of guys this year because of the following reasons:
1. We had a ton of guys showing up to race EVERY race.
2. We didn't have a lot of people that just wore a jersey and said they raced but only showed up once or twice a year.
3. We all hung out as friends and networked professionally outside of racing and it showed.
4. I hate this new forum format. Can't even tell what I am typing. Bucket of blechy meh.
5. We didn't charge dues, get hung up on fees, expect anyone to do anything, worry too much about our kit, etc. Buy a're on the team. Can't buy one? Borrow're on the team.
6. We raced heads-up and treated everyone with respect - for the most part. As a result we naturally found ourselves bs'n with classy racers after each race - which naturally led to them asking about the team.

Everyone stayed....becuase of the people. The shop pissed everyone off at some point during the year. A lot of us lost our jobs and wouldn't have been able to pay dues. More than a fewof us covered race fees for those who couldn't.....and we raced. Cat1's and 2's chilled with 5's. 3's didn't talk was a beautiful and weird thing.
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