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Originally Posted by Psimet2001 View Post
Pick one without a-holes.
We got a ton of guys this year because of the following reasons:
1. We had a ton of guys showing up to race EVERY race.
2. We didn't have a lot of people that just wore a jersey and said they raced but only showed up once or twice a year.
3. We all hung out as friends and networked professionally outside of racing and it showed.
4. I hate this new forum format. Can't even tell what I am typing. Bucket of blechy meh.
5. We didn't charge dues, get hung up on fees, expect anyone to do anything, worry too much about our kit, etc. Buy a're on the team. Can't buy one? Borrow're on the team.
6. We raced heads-up and treated everyone with respect - for the most part. As a result we naturally found ourselves bs'n with classy racers after each race - which naturally led to them asking about the team.
PSI, thanks man! This helps a lot. For some reason I have been worrying about this...not really something to worry about I know. Anyways, while scanning through your list there is one team that stands out to me. I really want to learn and improve next year and my goal is to upgrade from 35+/4 to Masters. The team I really like has a national champ, 2s, 3s, Masters and 4s (no cat 5 here) and is open to everyone that is willing to put down $100 on a kit. Another thing is beer. Sounds silly, but I wan't to be able to drink a Leffe with these guys/gals. Lastly, I am a quiet, calm, easy going dude and I can't stand type-A punks or a-holes. It seems there are few around here. The only issue with this team is the group ride takes off about 15 miles from my house - I guess that would be a good warm-up. Thanks again.
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