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Originally Posted by Psimet2001 View Post
Pick one without a-holes.

Srsly. Forget the shop discounts and/or other crap. Pick based on the riders.

We got a ton of guys this year because of the following reasons:
1. We had a ton of guys showing up to race at most races.
2. We didn't have a lot of people that just wore a jersey and said they raced but only showed up once or twice a year.
3. We all hung out as friends
4. I hate this new forum format. Can't even tell what I am typing. Bucket of blechy meh.
5. We didn't charge dues, get hung up on fees, expect anyone to do anything, worry too much about our kit, etc. Buy a're on the team. Can't buy one? Borrow're on the team.
6. We raced our arses off and treated everyone with respect As a result we naturally found ourselves bs'n with classy racers after each race - which naturally led to them asking about the team.

Everyone stayed....becuase of the people. Cat1's and 2's worked for the 4's. 3's didn't talk was a beautiful thing.
Some edits to reflect our team.

It's the people.

If our group folded there would be a short list of teams I might consider, and in none of the considerations does "bling" factor in.
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