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Does the team/club fit your needs?
You need to know your needs, what you want to accomplish, your abilities, etc.

For me it was compatible racing schedules, group training at least once a week, same age/grade category. After that came what I can offer the team and what they can offer or provide me.
The above changed dramatically over my "career" of 23 years of racing...and still counting.
At first, when I was a citizens, unlicensed, racer it was all about learning what to do, how to train, etc. As I progressed to cat 4 then 3 I learned that "teams/clubs" do not mean the same things to very many and mean all sorts of different things depending on who you talk to. Once a cat 3 it became all about finding a small group that could/would work together, actually work on and carry or at least try to...planned race strategies, train together, etc. I was 30 when I upgraded to a cat 3, had a wife and 2 kids, was a fair racer...meaning no career for me...I became the "worker" for the team, helping younger, stronger, better riders with lead outs, chases, wind breaking, etc. and watching them upgrade to cat 2 and move on.

Teams are very fluid and generally see lots of member changes, especially with younger riders.

Once I hit "vets" vets anymore we are now lumped as "masters"...I looked for but did not find a vets team offering the racing I wanted. I typically did 50 to 60 races per season. My best friend and I formed our own "vets/masters" team, recruited 5 similar type racers, found sponsors and funding and were on our way. We were masters only by this time and kept our team to 5 racers that raced together nearly every weekend for years until life got in the way and we dissolved the team.

The above blah blah blah is just to give a bit of a description of how many/some teams set things up and how your needs may or may not fit, which can change quite quickly sometimes. I suggest thinking about what you want from a team...not a club...what you can offer such a team, prepare a brief resume...some teams like such things...of your strengths,, work, as well as the physical lol...and get cracking. The most important thing, to me, is to know what you want and use that in your search.

Good luck and keep us informed.
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