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I ride an 04 Trek Fuel that has been modified/upgraded much over the last few years. Odly enough, the "perfect" setup for me has my bike spec'd a lot like yours. I find the SRAM X.9 to be the sweet spot on the X.x lineup and I run the shifters and rear der. I run an XT in the front and an XT crank same as yours. I run a 990 cassette in back and BB7 disc brakes. I had the stock Bonte wheels but needed more beef as I am a clyde. For this I built up a set with XT Hubs, Wheelsmith spokes and Velocity VCX rims and love them. This bike has been a flawless racer for me and takes a ton of abuse. It finally made it to this current state after years of abuse and breakage(started as a 2001 Fuel) both front and rear triangles have been replaced twice under warranty from Trek and I have finally found a component mix that I cannot destroy in one season.

Long story short. the durable bike I've ended up with is quite similar to yours. If I were in your shoes, I would just ride the snot out of it and any neccessary upgrades will reveal themselves to you.
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