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Originally Posted by Wogsterca View Post
How is a cyclist wearing an iPod any different from a car driver with a huge set of amplifiers and the volume set to 11 any different? The real problem isn't the music player, it's operator inattention.

All of the collisions and incidents outlined in this story come down to the same factor, the operator of a vehicle not paying attention to what they are doing.

I find it interesting that the only solution for this problem amongst cyclists is licencing, testing and insurance, because none of those are resolving the problem when it comes to motorists.
This isn't a car forum, it's a bike forum. Why do some people get all defensive when someone points out bad cycling and shout 'but cars do xyz, and it's bad!'? I'm sure you can find a great car discussion on one of the many car forums that IB owns, but I'm hear to talk about bikes.

In case you haven't noticed, there are great differences between cars and bikes.

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