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Originally Posted by DX-MAN View Post
Had to deal a FEW times on the MUP with iPod-ed joggers and bike riders -- call out to them, HOLLER at them, then just a drill-sergeant-loud "YO!" about six feet behind them. I'm sure they all thought I was an a-hole, much like I thought they were.

If I call to you 2x, and you don't show some sign of recognition that someone else has encroached on your little world, I'll blow by you, and LMAO if you fall over.

I personally don't ride w/ earphones -- tried it, took away from the ride experience. If you can roll them and still function, party on. If you can't, leave 'em at home. There ARE responsibilities when you're in public, mainly to not act like the last human on earth. Or the only one that matters....
Do you honk at every car you pass when driving too? If you can't pass another rider safely that sounds like your problem.
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