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Originally Posted by jputnam View Post
If you're passing with only one lane each direction, the law in most states does specify honking before passing.

Most motorists don't bother, and it doesn't usually result in an accident, but if you want the overtaken car to have the burden of staying to the right and not increasing speed while you pass, then yes, you're supposed to provide an audible signal before overtaking.

Whether this is a legal requirement for cyclists varies by jurisdiction -- an audible signal when overtaking pedestrians or cyclists is required on most of the bicycle paths and multi-use paths I use, but not all of them.
That may be true, but the burden of passing safely most definitely is on the overtaking vehicle (bike or car). In urban traffic the idea of acknowledging every passing vehicle is ridiculous and anyone who is "blowing" by other users of an MUP should be on the road anyways.
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