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Originally Posted by Treespeed View Post
That may be true, but the burden of passing safely most definitely is on the overtaking vehicle (bike or car). In urban traffic the idea of acknowledging every passing vehicle is ridiculous and anyone who is "blowing" by other users of an MUP should be on the road anyways.
The original post specifically referred to a MUP, not urban traffic.

I'm free to ride blithely down the center of an un-laned MUP, to veer left or right or speed up without watching for overtaking traffic.

If, however, an overtaking rider has signaled his intent to pass, I must stay to the right side of the MUP and not speed up or turn left until the overtaking vehicle has passed.

The overtaking rider may choose to pass without signaling, but if I happen to drift left while he's doing it, and he runs into me, it's his fault, not mine.
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