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Freestyle Frames, What Gives?

So I've never gotten a solid answer on this before, but what is the real difference between frames from these different manufacturers?
All I hear is "this sucks" or "that sucks" and it all seems to revolve around the color or weight of the bike.

I've looked at bikes from Diamondback, Eastern, Fit, Kink, Giant, etc and still can't see any big difference.

There seem to be only a few things that sepearte the bikes and those are:
-Frame material- basically you got 4130 CrMo, 4130 main tubes, and HiTen steel. No differnt blends of steel, no different thicknesses or butting or shaping. Definetely not any different method of construction.

-Bottom bracket- Mid, American, Spanish, etc. No real bearing on ride as far as I can tell, but whatever.

So can anyone give me a real answer as to what makes a full CrMo Eastern differ from a full CrMo Kink or Diamondback, besides one "sucking?"
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