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Anything done with Photoshop will be a raster image. It can get tricky to print out nice grey scale images on a desktop printer. Make sure your image is greyscale, not cmyk (printing) or RGB (web). It could be a printer thing though. Epson, as well as pretty much any color desktop inkjet, works in a strange way. No matter what the image is, the printer driver will convert the image to it's own special RGB, so if there are calibration issues or print settings are not correct, the photo will look weird. Also, if there are parts of the image in other layers that are color as opposed to greyscale, the entire image will default to that color space when it prints. IIRC, Epson should have settings in the printer drivers that allow for a better print of greyscale images. Turn off the PSE color management and allow the Printer color management when printing. IF the image looks good but dark, just flatten it and use a curve to cut it back 4~5%. Of course it's been a long time since I actually used one of those things. I sneak stuff out on our proofers at work that run off a calibrated RIP.
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