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Check the seat tube (right where that pump holder is, on the back side for the serial number. First letter will be the place of manufacturing, I bet N for Nottingham, second letter A-L for the month, first number (after the 2 letters) the last digit of the year of manufacturing (assume 197X).

Interesting timing, I got its sister (8/74) below, which has an alloy front wheel with maillard hub and QR, upgraded Suntour derailleurs with a Spring FD and a V-GT RD, chopped turkey wings, and a goofy Bell sprung saddle that I was thinking of listing at $110 OBO at our local CL this weekend, expecting to get about $85-100. Let's coordinate, and let me know when you are planning to be finished and we can list them one at a time (I don't mind waiting) so we do not compete, and also send the extra bites to the other one. But this time of the year selling over here at market value is S L O W.

On second thought... 6spd rear sounds strange in these bikes

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