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Snow Blower Ideas

I could Google, but I'd rather FOOgle.

I have a bad back because I fell out of a car going down the freeway when I was a toddler. I am not supposed to shovel snow or help people move, but I do anyway. Until now. After our snow storm a few days ago, I shoveled and now I can't walk, only sit, and it's even excruciating to shift my car. This happens 3 or 4 times a year at least, and I can't let it happen anymore.

I feel badly if my wife is shoveling (plus she doesn't do a good job and halfway through the season all the snowbanks have to be torn down and moved out of the way for more snow because there is no space left to walk or drive, if that makes sense), and the 16-month old is a little young to be shoveling yet.

So, I may break down and get a snowblower--first one of my life.

I don't have much to shovel: the sidewalk in front of the house is about 25 yards long; the driveway is about 10 feet wide and maybe 30 feet long, but it is dirt/gravel. We don't have a walkway out to the garage, so I shovel a path through the grass.

Can I just get the cheapest snowblower I can find at a hardware store and be content with it?

Things to consider: I don't care about 2-cycle or 4-cycle (I thought everything was 4-cycle these days anyway, but maybe not); The driveway is dirt/gravel as I mentioned; I would like to clear a path from the steps to the garage via the grass witout ruining the grass; I don't want to pollute the neighborhood more than my lawn mower already does.

Any advice to be had, or is it really as simple as walking to the hardware store down the street and buying their cheapest unit?
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