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Originally Posted by Daspydyr View Post
I am looking to build up a 29HT this winter. The frame I am looking at has a Fox F80 with a 51 degree offset. I would like to put a Marzochi Fork with a 44 degree offset. Is this too big a difference for the frame geometry? (Gary Fisher Paragon, G2 geometry )
Firstly, forks do not affect the angle of the steering - the offset is generally given in millimeters (mm) and is the distance ahead of the steering axis the fork puts the wheel - it is usually called 'rake.' Rake affects the "trail" of a bike, which is the derived measurement that determines a bike's tendancy to want to keep going straight.

Secondly, the G2 geometry is designed specifically around the 44mm rake forks, IIRC. The forks were designed specifically for the G2 geometry which has a more slack head tube angle than most bikes, as more rake tends to make a bike have quicker or tighter turning.

Using a fork with less rake will make the bike more stable and it will turn less tightly or quickly. I suspect going from 51 to 44 mm will make the bike a little sluggish, but certainly still ok to ride.

Also beware that the fork with less rake might give you problems with toe-overlap with the front wheel, and that can be a problem... If it is a very small frame this is more likely than if it is a big frame.

Someone with more experience with the G2 bike might have a more definitive answer.
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