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Thanks for the responses.

I ended up picking up a 5hp 22" deal, used but completely reconditioned with new parts for practically free. I tested it out where the city plows went by on the street and it worked like the snow wasn't even there. I need to lower the skids a bit for the driveway, I think, but then it might leave a layer of snow on the cement sidewalk, so I will have to play around with it a bit.

It didn't seem to be too much work to handle, at least not for my back. There are 6 forward speeds and two reverse.

I will be curious with the very heavy wet snow someday regarding clogging, but we don't run into that too much around here--it's cold when it snows and stays cold. If it's warm enough to be wet and heavy, it will melt soon enough.

As far as blowing the snow, granted we have a city lot, but I can hit the neighbors house on the far side from my driveway, so I better watch for rocks since it's more fun than pointing the chute down (the house is vacant).

I fell out of the car when I was a kid because back then only some cars had seatbelts in the back. The story is that I was laying down because I felt sick and I was playing with the door handle and out of the car I went. The lady driving behind us was a pediatrician and checked me out on the spot and away we went. Nowadays, that certainly isn't how it would have gone down...
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