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Originally Posted by Briareos View Post
Do any of you wear your Zipps (or other carbon wheels) for your regular rides? I may buy some Zipp 202's but would like to avoid having to buy training wheels. I hear/read everywhere that accidents happen the most when training since you train more than you race; should I follow this edict and just buy a cheapo set of training wheels?

To be perfectly honest with you, I want to look good when I train as well as when I race!

I'll admit it, I'm vain.
They're called race wheels.

Other wheels are called training wheels.

First off, 202's are a waste unless they're climbing speciality wheels. 303's/404's are much more useful unless the road is super skyward pointing. 303 f/404 r is a good combo.

Enjoy breaking your expensive wheels while training...

I don't even understand why people ask these questions. They're wheels, if you want to ride them, do it. Then don't cry when your 1.5k wheels broke while training.
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