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I guess that's a "no" for riding Zipps on group/club rides.

Thanks for your opinions and/or snarky responses. Please try to remember that some of us are still trying to learn and we don't know everything like you do. It's discouraging and if you guys treat everyone who has less know-how than you like an idiot, you're doing cycling a disservice.

I guess I have to thank you RideTheCliche for informing me that 202's are probably a waste for me (I'm going to race crits); I just thought that since 202's were so damn light it would help with acceleration. You should also understand why people ask these questions; they don't WANT their wheels to break while riding them other than racing, that's why I'm here asking. From the input here I've learned that you really shouldn't be riding "racing wheels" for normal riding, as I certainly don't want to break an expensive set of wheels.
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