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Originally Posted by txvintage View Post
202's would be a mass misappropriation of funds for Crits. I'm one of those that believes for crits the most bomb proof wheels that you can get are the best investment. Don't forget you will eventually want a set for the wheel pit. If you are just starting out in the 5's don't sweat the wheels.

If you must have some bling and want the cool factor, check botto's sig line where it says, "Ride theses wheels". Awesome bang for the buck.
I did check out Botto's signature and have already inquired on several wheels from Psimet!

The thread DOES belong here, because a lot of carbon wheel users are racers and I know racers have training wheels. Not all roadies are going to know about having a distinct set of wheels for specific purposes, many of them have one set if they're leisure riders.

Looks aren't ALL I care about, I can't very well have a vanity bike if the wheels break constantly. I merely like the look of carbon tubulars over alloy rims and needed to know If i could get away with riding the wheels I aesthetically prefer all the time, not just at races.

I did not know that studies have shown aero vs. weight was so in favor of aerodynamics these days. But I guess in a crit it makes sense since you'll do barely any climbing.

As far as asking about wheels that I don't know everything about and how I don't need to know about them if I don't use them....I want to START racing this year, so I have to learn about these things somehow. If I'm unsure of how carbon wheels perform in different situations I should probably ask before I buy a set for the racing I'm planning on doing.
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