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Originally Posted by mike868y View Post
For a CAT 3 or better that is a logical recommendation, but for someone starting in CAT 5 it is kind of risky to race nice wheels in a crit. Even if you have the money to buy them, what is the point? They won't help results at all and you risk loosing >$1.5K every race. I would say invest in some solid training wheels (OP/Ultegra, Kinlin XR300 rims w/ a good hub, or even some ksyriums) then when the guy gets up to CAT 3 get some good race wheels.
Listen man. We're a materialistic society. Some people like nice stuff, and can afford it. They should be allowed to do so.

It's why our economy thrives.

There's nothing wrong with owning expensive stuff if you actually ride it.
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