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I suggest that the upgrading the engine is the best advise. The Allez will be fine, and you can reach Sora shifters on the drops unless you've got short stumpy little thumbs or set them up so the brakes are looking at the sky. Which is basically how bikes roll their eyes in disgust at their mechanic, so don't do that. I won my first race on an Allez like that, and it was a crit, so you can't go too far wrong with it.

About upgrading the engine, doing 40 miles every day isn't necessarily going to make you an awesome rider. In fact, doing 3 60 mile rides a week might be better. And doing three or four rides of varying intensity and distance might be better still. Do you ride with a group yet? If not, please out of respect for others in the bunch, don't race until you've been doing group rides every week for at LEAST six months, maybe a year. I can't stress this enough. Riding in a pack is a skill that takes time to learn. If you don't do group rides yet, but want to start racing, do TT's in the coming year, and save road racing for 2011. Hurting other people and their bikes is very easily done if you are unskilled, and won't make you popular at all.
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