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Originally Posted by joe englert View Post
just thought of this on xmas(today) as some guy was trying to sell me "the holy grail" bike, which in his opinion was a 1969 poliaghi. im sure everyone has a bike they want to get someday, but what would most serious collectors consider a holy grail bike. now to me, there is only one choice, a mario confente. many different reasons of course. just wondering what you forums readers consider as your choice. i dont think one would consider a "one of a kind bike" such as the biachi that fausto coppi won his last tour on, but a bike that was made in very limited production and is, in fact, obtainable to some collectors. anyway, anxious to read your opinions and have a great holiday.
I have had a few Confente bikes pass through my hands and I can think of many bikes that I would rate above all of them. Like most people here, my targets are moving targets. I am presently awaiting the arrival of a bike that I have been trying to get for years. There is another bike that I have been after for over a decade, I keep hoping the present owner will awake one day and give me a call saying it is for sale...
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