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Originally Posted by surgtech1956 View Post
Merry Christmas everyone. New to the forum. I'm from Michigan and 53 years old. I was really into cycling and jogging back in the 80s and early 90s, then got lazy. I got back into cycling last year, I own a Trek 7100, Giant OCR 3W and Giant Rincon. I rode the Trek most of all last year. My 2010 goals are to ride more and start earlier in the year, commute and lose weight.
Welcome and remember the season never ends...just get some studs I do the partial commute thing. Just find a lot about 15 miles from the job and ride in, you can even have multiple routes. Being a construction worker my commute changes from time to time or goes away when I am laid off so my route are flexibe. Going different routes is also a nice change of pace. Good luck and have fun.
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