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2009 Bianchi Pista or 2010 Fuji Feather?

Hey guys, this is my first post. I'm new to the forums but I read from the forum quite frequently. So hello these are the links to the most recent versions my LBS carries:

2009 Bianchi Pista info
2010 Fuji Feather info

I sold my dear old conversion because it was a little big for me and it was really heavy. The frame was 55cm and I fit 51cm.
With that said, I'm looking to buying a decent bike to continue commuting, riding, and some tricks (I don't skid too often). These 2 are the bikes I have narrowed my search down to. I only initially plan to change any inexpensive parts and possibly the crankset and spokes if I really don't like the ratio.

Which of these are better in the long run, parts-wise? They are about the same weight too, so I don't think I have anything to worry about that, right? After riding a 30-40lbs vintage Schwinn, I think 20 lbs will be nothing (you don't really notice the difference between like 19-21lbs right?). I also plan to install a front brake to avoid tickets (thankful I avoided a few hundred) and I don't think either of them come with brakes.
I also haven't used toe clips yet so I'm not sure if I got the Pista if I would install clips, making the Fuji lose a pro. I've been clipless for the 11 years I've been riding! Recently a lot of my friends keep telling me to get clips.

I do plan to build from the bike gradually because it would be smarter money-wise, so I don't necessarily plan on keeping stock parts I just plan to keep "most" of the stock parts for a few months.

Random question: do you think these bikes will fit in a Honda Civic, seat pushed down (put in trunk with the seats pushed down)? I used to fit my 55cm conversion in there if I did it just right, but at times it was incredibly difficult! I plan to drive, park, then bike a distance to campus (since parking sucks at CSUF) to avoid hefty permit fees and spending a ridiculous amount of time to find a parking spot. Or should I get a rack?