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Both of those bikes are fine, and the specs are pretty much the same. It's just a question of which one you want. (Somebody here was complaining the other day that there were too many Pistas where he was, so if you want to be unique, it might not be a good choice, but that chrome frame is beautiful.)

You don't really need to swap out any parts either. I'd ride them until they break or until you can trade them for something else.

They will fit in your car. You may need to take off the front wheel, but they should fit.

Just make sure you get a tough u-lock and a cable lock to lock your frame and wheelset, or better still, 2 u-locks. otherwise that bike will be gone in a heartbeat. A new fixie on a college campus in CA is a high value target. (I'd almost be tempted to go with something used, or one of the online cheapies for commuting purposes.)
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