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Well, here's a preview of my "Tout French" winter project bike at 95% done, my 85 Vitus Plus Carbone 7:

The bike is to be all French except for the Turbo perforated saddle and the ITM "Vitus" engraved stem that came with the bike.
I still need to build up my NOS Mavic hubs and GEL280 rims for a new wheelset for this bike. I have it on my Mavic 330GL wheelset for now for this pic. I already have a silver SL Pro Sedis chain ready for the bike but I'm still wating for a BB lockring that a seller left out in his delivery to me. I can't get the bike on the road till I get that one last part......Arrrgghh!!
BTW, I just scored on that Vitus waterbottle in the bike's WB cage this afternoon from my LBS! Can't believe it when I pulled it out of the bottom of their waterbottle bin and it's the only one in the big pile of bottles they had.......bought a lotto ticket on my way home!.....
And here's one that might be familiar to some already, my period modded up 84 Peugeot PSV:

84 Peugeot PSV
85(?) Vitus Plus Carbone 7

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