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Campy 151 bcd Pista crank w/ Campagnolo Record Bottom Bracket 68 x 102 ??


I've been reading bikeforums for a while now & just wanted to start by saying THANK YOU !!! (seriously, so many knowledgeable people here !!)

I have learned many many many useful bits of information (combined with Sheldon Brown's site), and i've solved many of my problems with only a desire to learn and a just little research ...
& without any of you even knowing that you helped !!!... invaluable ...!!

That being said, this is my first post ...

I recently bought an 80's schwinn madison track frame. The rear spacing is 120mm.

and I have a vintage Campy 170 Pista crankset that I want to use. The BCD is 151.
But when I bought it used, it came with a Strada 170 left arm instead.
Because the bcd is 151 im assuming that at least the right drive side is late 60's early 70's.

I also bought a Campagnolo Record 10sp. Bottom Bracket 68 x 102 ...

(I have the crankset, but I haven't gotten the frame or the BB yet, so I can't test)

I read that older campy pista stuff needs a 109 mm bb and newer stuff is 111mm.

Can I use the 102 BB with the Pista Crankset & strada left arm?
or will the chainring dig into the chainstay?

If it won't work, then ...

Do I need to get a 109 BB? or 111 bb?
and then just adjust the spacing to keep the chainline straight ...

And does the spindle need to be symmetrical, or can it be asymmetrical since the left arm is Strada, does the symmetry matter? i.e. Can it be a road bb, or does it need to be pista?
SPC (Strada, Pista, Record c) should work right?

WHAT BB DO I NEED?? !!! ha ha please help !!
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