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Ask the Stoned Guy Thread - 2010 Edition.

In the tradition of that time of year when I let me dermatologist carve out bits of my skin which have a risk of becoming skin cancer - I bring you the 2010 edition of the Ask the Stoned Guy thread.

This afternoon was the first of what will be a marathon run of excisions this month. Which will mean many things, one being that I'll be off the bike for probably the next 3 week, the other being that me and my bottle of hydrocodone will be good friends for the next 5-8 days.

Bring on the questions, I can't promise to be as funny, but I can promise that I probably won't remember the questions let alone the answers in a week.

Edit: Today (1/11/2010), I had the last of the 5 excisions, located on the middle of the inside of my calf. Being a cyclist, there isn't too much spare skin around there to bring together when cutting out a spot the size of a pencil eraser. Thus, I am rather drugged up attempting to forget the fact that my leg feels like it would like to rip each of the 8 or so stitches out. As stated in my bump post - I shall not be held accountable for anything I say (or type) for the next 24 to 48 hrs or how ever long it takes before I'm off the pain killers. I can however answer questions, so please, ask me. I promise to answer in the best possible way I can in the state that I'm in.

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