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There's no difference between the Stada and Pista left arms (as long as they are the same length).

The modern 10 spd 102 BB will not work. I've used the modern 109 pista BB's with the older style cranks and that has worked out ok, accept when the tapers on the cranks are very worn (which they usually are on 151's that have been around for a long time). Then they will pull on too far and the chainline will be bad.

A modern Veloce cartridge BB for a triple comes in a 111 length and can be bought for a lot less than a vintage Record Pista set. I bought some ACS versions last year for about $15 online, but I'm not sure if they are still around that cheap.

Check over your 151 right arm for cracks in the taper or starting around the spider at the arm. It's very common for them to be cracked. If you are going to ride brakeless it might not live long if any cracks have started.
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