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Originally Posted by kirke View Post
Older Campy BB's actually had a proprietary taper (somewhere in between ISO and JIS, but actually closer to JIS). If I were you I would search for an original 68-P-120 Campagnolo Record Pista bottom bracket. Or get a Phil Wood.
Good to know. The campy 102 bb I already bought was only $35 so I'll just use it on a different build.
This is the option I'm going to go with ... the O.G. 68-P-120 campy pista bb ... I was trying to save some money, but that's what the crank was made for, so why mess with a perfect match ...

Originally Posted by letsgetsandy View Post
Sorry this is off subject but did you get the bike from velo-cult? they're a rad shop. I got my frame from there. Sky is pretty cool and the guys that work there are pretty nice too (well most, the dude with the septum piercing kind of a prick but....).
yes I did, but I won the auction on ebay so I haven't had the chance to actually meet them,
but if I ever find myself out in SD i'll swing by the shop. They have a great blog ... and i'm really considering having La Suprema (ed's bikes) do a custom build for me ... really nice stuff coming out of that shop ... very creative with a nod to golden age (1890's)

p.s. for some good turn of the century fixie photos, go to the library of congress image data base and/or new york public library and search bicycle for instance
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Originally Posted by Otis View Post
... accept (except) when the tapers on the cranks are very worn (which they usually are on 151's that have been around for a long time). Then they will pull on too far and the chainline will be bad.

Check over your 151 right arm for cracks in the taper or starting around the spider at the arm. It's very common for them to be cracked. If you are going to ride brakeless it might not live long if any cracks have started.
Thanks, the tapers look good, and NO SIGNS of cracks!!! I've been riding brakeless for over a year,, it wasn't intentional. I didn't have a brake, so I flipped over the wheel and just never went back ...
I don't ride to crazy, & I really don't want to put a front break on there but i've really been considering it due to safety issues ...

My friend got hit not too long ago ((hit and run)) and they had to remove a piece of his skull and put it in his stomach for over a month ... he was in a coma,,, head staples ,,, tubes everywhere...
it really scared the sh*t out of me, but he rides with cassettes, and has front and back breaks, and reflectors ... so ... I don't know, sometimes if your gonna get hit ... your gonna get hit.

The brake is kind of like "I know its there so I feel safe"
but I ride 200x's safer than some people I see who wear helmets and have brakes ...
but that's probably why ... I have to be super aware because of those 2 reasons.

But then again ... theres always a chance that if I have a brake, it could really make a difference ...
I just don't want to get dependent on it ...
9/10 I have avoided accidents by manuvering instead of stopping ... where a brake might have actually caused a collision if used.

I see it both ways. and i get sh*t all the time for not having it ...
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