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Originally Posted by UnsafeAlpine View Post
Tulsa sucks. Good god does Tulsa suck...

Cost of living is significantly higher in Denver but so is the quality of living. Denver and CO in general is a very active place to be and it certainly rubs off. Skiing all year, mountain biking, road cycling, climbing, hiking, the view, people tend to be happy, good food, Boulder is a trip, Pikes Peak, the air is thinner and the smell of CO is wonderful (except for Greeley), there are plains, mountains, deserts, lakes, rivers, canyons, cowboys, city slickers, farmers, rednecks, environmentalists...

Make the move just to do it. You don't have to live there your entire life...
Having lived in both places, I prefer Tulsa. I miss a lot about Denver (the weather, the active people) BUT, home prices are twice as high, the community is much more divided about class lines. I also found Denver to be very cliquish. My wife noticed the same thing. For the money we save by living in OK, we take 2 extra vacations each year. Yeah, that sucks!

Also, most of the people who live in Denver, and never lived elsewhere, I found to be very elitist about how great it is there. The traffic there is the worst of anywhere I have lived (including NYC, and Houston)

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